ViVac RCS1 Record Cleaning Machine

Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine ViVac RCS1



The ViVac RCS1 is our entry level vinyl record cleaning machine.   

Don’t let the term ‘entry level’ put you off though as the build quality, simplicity of use, quietness and excellent cleaning results are second to none.

Using a tried and tested cleaning method first developed in the 1970s and used throughout the world by radio stations, archivists and vinyl lovers alike, the ViVac RCS1 offers fabulous cleaning results every time.

The cleaning process couldn’t be simpler.  The record is placed on the platter.  Whilst spinning, Pristine Vinyl’s Deep Clean Solution is applied using the supplied application bottle and brush.  

Once covered, the motorised precision vacuum arm moves across the record’s surface lifting dirt and contaminants from deep within the grooves leaving the record clean, dry and ready to play in no time.

Unlike a great many cleaning machines available, there are no felt brushes to become contaminated and potentially damage the delicate record’s surface and will not compact the dirt further into the grooves.

By using a specialist thread that creates a small air gap between the record’s surface and the precision vacuum nozzle, only a small force is applied to the record making it one of the safest ways to clean your precious discs.  

What makes this method of cleaning unique is that when a side has been cleaned, the thread is replaced automatically ensuring that nothing dirty ever touches the record that you are cleaning.

The best analogy we can use is that you wouldn’t clean a car with a  dirty sponge so why clean your records that way?  

Now, with the ViVac range, you can use a clean sponge every time.





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