ViVac RCS2 Record Cleaning Machine

Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine ViVac RCS2



Just like the ViVac RCS1, the RCS2 is built around a real wood plinth and has been designed from the ground up to offer superb cleaning results whilst looking stunning.

The only difference between the two models is that the ViVac RCS2 utilises a small precision liquid pump and an automatic clean fluid delivery arm to apply the cleaning solution to the record’s surface.

This is a great addition as it allows the user to apply just the right amount of cleaning fluid ensuring there is no waste and great, consistent cleaning results are achieved every time.

The days of having a large industrial looking record cleaner tucked away in a cupboard or in the garage have long gone when you purchase either of the ViVac units.

Designed to sit comfortably alongside your Hi Fi system whether that’s in your listening or living room, the ViVac looks good enough to leave out so that it can be used as and when it is needed.

As the ViVac range are considerably quieter than most cleaners, you can listen to a record while you clean the next so there is no longer any excuse to play a dirty record.

Suitable for use on 7”,10” or 12” records with no alteration, and safe to use with shellac 78s (when used with Pristine Vinyl’s Deep Clean Solution) it’s no surprise that the ViVac Range of record cleaning machines are rapidly becoming the ones to own if you are serious about vinyl replay.

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